Internet Security and VPN – Infinity Computer Corp protection services can be tailored for your company size, network needs and long term goals.


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Solution – ICC Internet Border Services

The ICC Internet Border Service is the perfect hardware, software and service product to provide  Internet security services, internally and externally to your network.  Our Border Server is a flexible,  scalable product with many possible configurations.  Matched with the Infinity and ICCIS network  operations center you are assured of the best possible protection for your company.

Options include:
Firewall services
VPN Server
E-mail server
Proxy Server
Symantec I-Gear Internet Activity monitor and filter
Symantec Mail-Gear e-mail content monitor
Antivirus protection, Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition
Automated virus protection updates
Infinity Border Maintenance service
ICC Border Unit, prices start from $495.00

Infinity Security Audit Service

Infinity engineers can evaluate your network exposure from the Internet.  Our basic service will perform a security
check and audit by simulating attacks from Internet such as:

· Public Information
· IP address range Scan
· Individual IP address port scan
· Network Security attacks
· VPN Security

Infinity can also provide a more intensive security audit that will:

· Document current network, server, routers, web information passwords and policies
· Perform security check and audit (from above)
· Present all documentation and security results for review
· Recommend network enhancements
· Recommend network growth path

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Let Infinity configure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using your existing Internet connections to safely access files, data and applications on your office network. Our experience and ability can allow you to access NT, Novell and Unix networks from home or connect your remote offices.

Using the Internet for low cost connections, Infinity will design, install and maintain remote access to your office. Use Infinity to help you increase your productivity! Just give us a call and we can verify your connections will support a VPN and provide a quotation for the installation. You may be amazed at the low cost and speeds available to you. Give us a call or e-mail.