Tips On How To Get My Computer To Run Faster

Tips On How To Get My Computer To Run Faster – My Windows computer that used to run really fast now has a couple years on it and I recently found it needed rebooting more often, and sometimes it would slow to a crawl, so I found myself asking how to get my computer to run faster. I did the research so you don’t have to!

Learning how to get my computer to run faster isn’t hard. It just takes some maintenance steps periodically, and it helps to know what it is that slows a computer down in the first place. What can slow down your computer?

  • A virus, malware, trojan or spyware.
  • A hard drive that needs maintenance.
  • Too much clutter and bling on the desktop and in the system tray.
  • Hardware that isn’t up to the tasks you’re asking of it.
  • If you address these issues, you will get computer to run faster.
  • Hopefully the first three will do the trick, but sometimes a hardware upgrade is the only answer.

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The most serious reason for a slowdown is an infection. Ensure your internet security is running and your virus protection is up to date. Run an online antivirus and trojan scan periodically, since some of the craftiest viruses and trojans will shut down your antivirus while making it appear it’s still running. If you discover an infection, clean your machine. You will find that your computer will run faster when clean.

A hard drive that needs maintenance can slow down your computer. Defragment your hard drive periodically to keep it running faster. You should also clean out unneeded files. Both these utilities are available through Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools. It’s also a good idea to regularly run “error checking” on your hard drives right before shutdown. From “My Computer” right click on your hard drive and pick “Properties” then “Tools” and choose “Check Disk” or “Error Checking” to scan your hard drive for damaged files. Lastly, make sure to empty your recycle bin regularly.

Do you really need all those programs on the desktop and in the system tray? Clean off anything you don’t use regularly. You’ll still be able to access the program through the start menu, but it won’t clutter up your system when it isn’t needed. Uninstall any toolbar or program you don’t use. Change your desktop theme to a simple one. Some of them use more system resources than you’d ever guess!

If none of the above works, then check the hard drive capacity and how much space you’re using, since your hard drive may need an upgrade. A memory upgrade can also help speed things up.

It isn’t hard to learn how to make your computer run faster. Just follow these simple steps!

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