Having A Faster Computer Is A Lot Of Fun

Having A Faster Computer Is A Lot Of Fun – Getting a new computer is always an exciting time because it is usually a faster computer that can do more than the one you had used before. As a matter of fact, just about anyone who gets a new, faster computer always seems to have an extra bounce in their step. Faster computer performance is always welcomed both in business computers and home computers.

It allows home users to be able to do things such as enjoy their high speed internet because their computer can keep up with the internet speed and it also allows business users to be more productive at their jobs.

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So we have made the point that having a new computer is nice because this usually means you have increased computer performance which makes using it much more fun. Let’s also be clear in stating that this faster computer will not perform at this same level three or four months from now unless you make sure you are implementing a proper computer maintenance plan. I have seen computers slow as much as 30 percent after the first three months of use depending on how heavy the computer was being used.

It almost seems like I am preaching this all of the time, but uninstall all of the programs you are not actively using. These programs are only taking up valuable space on your hard drive and they could also have processes running in the background consuming your computer’s available RAM. Also, don’t install every program that ‘looks cool’ on the internet. Make sure you stick to using programs that come from reliable sources. Program management is an essential part of keeping a faster computer.

Probably the most effective technique is to configure a faster computer startup. This will not only cut down on the time it takes your computer to boot up, it will also cut down on the programs running in the background that are consistently consuming resources.

You can configure your computers startup by going to Start > Run > Type Msconfig > Click Ok.

Once the system configuration window pops up, you will then need to highlight the startup tab. Just uncheck anything in that list that is not critical. Items that are critical in windows startup are antivirus and wireless networking software. You want to allow those critical applications to start when your computer starts.

There are endless amounts of tweaks and settings you can change to make sure you have a faster computer and I try to share as many of these as I can with you. However, sometimes it is nice just to install a piece of software that will just do it for you. You have to be very careful about these types of software though because there are a lot of them that just do not work and make a bunch of false claims. The one piece of faster computer software I use is called Speed Up My PC. It is designed by Uniblue and they are a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. In short, this basically says that they know their stuff. The software is easy to install and will make a huge difference in your computers performance.

In conclusion, nothing beats having a new computer just for the mere fact that it is a faster computer than what you had before. However, if you are not proactive about keeping it properly maintained, then you can kiss your faster computer good bye after about 3 or 4 months of use.

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