7 Ways to Cool Down a Laptop

Have you ever noticesd that your laptop gets very hot after using it for some time? Well, if that happens very often, it can be risky since you could burn up the internals of the machine. It is important to monitor how hot your laptop is and take steps to cool it if necessary.

In this article, we will take a look 7 different ways to cool your laptop. These ideas include using a laptop stand, moving to a colder room and also turning down your power consumption on the laptop .

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1. Use A Hard Surface
First up, you should always place your laptop on a hard surface. That helps the fans circulate in the laptop. If you have your laptop placed on a soft surface (e.g. a fur carpet) the circulation is not as good and it will tend to get warm very fast.

2. Use A Laptop Cooling Stand
The next way to cool down your laptop is to use a laptop cooling stand. These days, you can buy laptop cooling stands quite cheaply and these contain fans which help to cool your laptop immensely. They also encourage better posture by forcing you to use your laptop more ergonomically .

3. Turn Down The Display Brightness
The display screen on your laptop generates quite a bit of heat. You will want to turn down the brightness if you are in a dark place, so as to cut down the heat generation. Turning down the brightness also allows you to conserve battery power.

4. Move To A Cooler Place
An obvious way to cool down your laptop is to move to a cooler place. If you’re sitting in the hot sun typing on the laptop, the machine ain’t gonna stay too cool, now is it? Move to an air-conditioned room or cafe and cool the machine down.

5. Turn On Power Saver Mode
Most laptops these days have a ‘power saver’ mode which you should invoke if the laptop gets too hot. The power saving modes usually turn down the display brightness and spin down the hard drives if the machine is idle for a fixed period of time.

6. Close Some Applications
If you open many applications on our laptop, these will generate heat as well. With more open applications, the laptop’s CPU has to work harder, resulting in more heat generated. Hence, by closing down some un-needed apps, you will cool your laptop down.

7. Remove Some USB Devices
USB ports are a well-known heat generator. The more USB devices you have connected to your laptop, the more heat it will generate. Plug out the un-needed USB devices and your machine will start to cool down.

I hope the above has shown you 7 good ways to cool down your laptop. Remember, your laptop is expensive! Don’t ruin it or melt it by allowing it to overheat. Cool it down whenever it gets too hot and you’ll increase its durability. Until next time, good luck and happy computing?