How To Fix A Slow Computer

How To Fix A Slow Computer – A slow computer can cause a lot of frustrations if you don’t know how to fix slow computer. That’s why this blog post will show you exactly how to fix slow computer for free. It will also provide recommendations of simplifying the tasks with software that can be purchased (sometimes you can find it for free, but it’s uncommon).

A slow computer is usually caused by a lack of updates or a lack of maintenance. Of course, at times it could also be a hardware issue, but this isn’t as common as the two causes that were just mentioned. If you have a computer that has plenty of RAM and a fast processor, then this post is going to help you out.

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The first thing that you need to do is ensure that all of your files are updated. With Windows, this is a very easy task to complete. All you have to do is run the Windows Update tool and it will check all of the versions of your critical software to ensure that it’s up to date. If anything is outdated, it will provide you with the opportunity to update via the Windows Update tool.

The next thing that you’ll want to do is run the Disk Cleanup tool found under the accessories menu in your start menu. This will show you what files are unnecessary and provide you with the opportunity to clean them up with this particular maintenance tool. Once you clean up the files, reboot your computer to make sure all of the files are completely wiped off of your hard drive.

Finally, you’ll want to launch the Disk Defragmenter tool. What this does is helps repair loose clusters on your hard drive in an effort to free up even more space and make your computer run faster. It’s not a quick task, so don’t give up before it’s done.

These 3 maintenance tasks will usually fix a slow computer. If it doesn’t you may have some other problems which can be resolved. You’ll find out more about this in the next section of the post.

Using Software to Fix A Slow Computer When the Above Tasks Fail to Help
If the above routine maintenance tasks fail to help you fix your slow computer, it could be a sign of outdated drives or registry errors. Not to mention, SpyWare or AdWare. This is when you’ll have to bring in the big guns and try to use a third party software to fix the error.

Don’t want to worry about forgetting to perform the routine maintenance tasks?

Windows comes loaded with a scheduler which allows you to set a day and time to complete the tasks automatically. Just follow the steps it provides you with and you’ll be on your way to maintaining your computer without having to lift a finger.

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