Getting a Start on My New Career

I graduated from Georgetown nearly a year ago, but it took me that long to finally get the sort of job that I was hoping to get right then. I had to wait for some people in the department to retire, although I am still on a long waiting list for a parking spot. I have spent the morning looking for a more convenient place to live and that eventually led me to some apartments for rent in Forestville MD which is about ten minutes drive from the facility where I am working. Of course I am not really supposed to say much about the place, it is not a secret, but that is not the same as saying that they are eager for publicity. The work is very much on the sensitive side and so you do not need to know much more about it. In fact I do not really know much about it and they are not going to start telling me about the stuff that they care about for a long time.

I have to admit that I was really not too displeased when I saw the scenery around this apartment complex. By that I am talking about girls. My buddies and I were moving my stuff in there on a warm Saturday afternoon and there were a lot of pretty girls sitting around the pool. It was probably way too cold in the pool, but it was nice and warm so long as you were out in the sun and they all were out laying there trying to get an early start on their summer tans. My buddies were not really trying to be much help after they saw all of those girls, but I really did not have that much stuff that was worth moving.

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