Getting a Start on My New Career

I graduated from Georgetown nearly a year ago, but it took me that long to finally get the sort of job that I was hoping to get right then. I had to wait for some people in the department to retire, although I am still on a long waiting list for a parking spot. I have spent the morning looking for a more convenient place to live and that eventually led me to some apartments for rent in Forestville MD which is about ten minutes drive from the facility where I am working. Of course I am not really supposed to say much about the place, it is not a secret, but that is not the same as saying that they are eager for publicity. Continue reading “Getting a Start on My New Career”

We Paid for Our Cabin Renovations with Scrap Copper

My wife helped me to buy an old cabin in the mountains. It was falling apart, and we had no idea how much it would cost to fix it up. We were going to do all the work ourselves. When we got started, we found many barrels, buckets and boxes of scrap copper pieces in an old shed out back. I checked the scrap copper price, and we loaded up our pickup truck with as much as it could carry on the first load. There were several full pickup truck loads of clean copper. It was little pieces of copper pipe and pieces of bare wire. The previous owner said his grandfather kept putting scrap pieces in the shed from his job as an electrician and a plumber. He told us we could have it all with the cabin and property we were buying.

We got several thousand dollars selling the copper. We put it all into renovating the place to be our little mountain getaway. We were even able to hire expert help when we needed it. Now we have a place that is much more than a cabin in the woods. It is a second home to us. Continue reading “We Paid for Our Cabin Renovations with Scrap Copper”

They Like the Pay Stubs Too

I knew that I needed to find online payroll stubs, and I also knew that I needed to do that sooner rather than later. I just wanted to make sure that I found the right one for my company. I needed to have an pay stub generator that would allow me to take miscellaneous deductions out of people’s pay. A lot of the ones that I had heard about only allowed for taxes and fees, but not for miscellaneous reasons. The reason why I needed this was important too.

There are times where I will give someone an advance on their pay. This can be for a number of different reasons. Continue reading “They Like the Pay Stubs Too”