We Paid for Our Cabin Renovations with Scrap Copper

My wife helped me to buy an old cabin in the mountains. It was falling apart, and we had no idea how much it would cost to fix it up. We were going to do all the work ourselves. When we got started, we found many barrels, buckets and boxes of scrap copper pieces in an old shed out back. I checked the scrap copper price, and we loaded up our pickup truck with as much as it could carry on the first load. There were several full pickup truck loads of clean copper. It was little pieces of copper pipe and pieces of bare wire. The previous owner said his grandfather kept putting scrap pieces in the shed from his job as an electrician and a plumber. He told us we could have it all with the cabin and property we were buying.

We got several thousand dollars selling the copper. We put it all into renovating the place to be our little mountain getaway. We were even able to hire expert help when we needed it. Now we have a place that is much more than a cabin in the woods. It is a second home to us. Continue reading “We Paid for Our Cabin Renovations with Scrap Copper”

Getting a Start on My New Career

I graduated from Georgetown nearly a year ago, but it took me that long to finally get the sort of job that I was hoping to get right then. I had to wait for some people in the department to retire, although I am still on a long waiting list for a parking spot. I have spent the morning looking for a more convenient place to live and that eventually led me to some apartments for rent in Forestville MD which is about ten minutes drive from the facility where I am working. Of course I am not really supposed to say much about the place, it is not a secret, but that is not the same as saying that they are eager for publicity. Continue reading “Getting a Start on My New Career”

They Like the Pay Stubs Too

I knew that I needed to find online payroll stubs, and I also knew that I needed to do that sooner rather than later. I just wanted to make sure that I found the right one for my company. I needed to have an pay stub generator that would allow me to take miscellaneous deductions out of people’s pay. A lot of the ones that I had heard about only allowed for taxes and fees, but not for miscellaneous reasons. The reason why I needed this was important too.

There are times where I will give someone an advance on their pay. This can be for a number of different reasons. Continue reading “They Like the Pay Stubs Too”

How To Choose Laptop

How To Choose Laptop – Consumer Electronics as laptop is an investment and can ultimately serve most digital business, home and entertainment demands, it is essential to match the computer capabilities with the needs of the individual or household. Today’s laptops are much more powerful than even the hottest desktop computers of yesterday. They’re also lighter and much more stylish. Many people are opting out of desktop computers altogether and use a laptop for all their computer needs. An informed buyer also will have more success with finding a reasonably-priced laptop and avoiding buyer’s remorse. Read on for tips on how to select a laptop computer that will serve both immediate and future computing needs.


How To Choose Laptop

Determine the purpose of the laptop computer, not limited to gaming, multimedia, Web surfing, financial management, and communication. Decide if the laptop will serve as the primary home computer much like a desktop PC or function as a highly mobile companion, or somewhere in-between. Rule out laptop computers bearing too much weight, bulk or insufficient screen size.

Select a laptop computer with the right operating system. This is the core program that runs the computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. Most software titles are Windows’ compatible, which makes it a preferred operating system for novices. Mac garners a large following and can be more user-friendly and have few software limitations. Linux offers security and cost benefits, but generally suits a more niche and experienced market.

Commit some time to better understand what laptop components to buy rather than relying solely on retailer advice, particularly if the laptop budget is limited. The laptop essentials include the processor, computer memory or RAM, hard drive space, video card and video card memory, screen size and network capabilities. Also, compare the battery life among selected laptop models. See the Tips section for more options ranging from Bluetooth to portable flash memory.

Pick up the laptops at the store. Choose one that feels sturdy, solid and not too heavy. Check the laptop accessories. Try the keyboard. Since you can’t replace it (except with the exact same item), make sure you’re comfortable with its touch and responsiveness. Test it on a desk and on your lap. Test the pointing device, track pad or track ball, the laptop alternatives to a mouse.

Buy a laptop computer from an established retailer, one that provides an adequate warranty, clear return policy and sufficient customer and technical support.

USB Cable, Cable BUS

USB Cable, Cable BUS – When we have our phones, music players and some digital electronics connected to computers, we have to use USB cable, the cable BUS. For example, iphone usb cable maybe our daily used items.

Most of the electronic devices have one USB port at least; the connector types sometimes are different. However, there is one thing that is definitely yes, the USB is there to stay.


Atestate Informatica


The USB cable is often very short, because the data has to transfer from the computer to your electronic items, the transfer speed and quality have effect a lot by the length of the USB Cable. We sometimes have to take the cable along with us when have a trip or go out for business; it is impractical to use a long data cable. Therefore, we rarely see the long USB cables more than 3 meters.

There are many ports of the USB cable; you’d better check your items to get the proper one. When yours is an iphone, then you have ti get the right iphone cable. The numerous options are including a printer-style end, the micro or mini USB,and it also includes mini narrow ports and mini wide ports. We can say the mini type A and mini type B. Each one is used for different items. And the other side of the cable connected to your electronic items. Sometimes it is a normal port, sometimes it is a mini narrow port, sometimes it is a mini wide port.  Most options have one standard size connector and then the other connector depending on the application items used for it. You should know your electronic Port first to get the suitable USB cable for you.

These USB cable are so common to say in our daily life, and it is also become the must-have electronic accessory for US. We have to get data or transfer data in this data world. We are connected by the net, by the USB cable,the cable BUS.

Wireless Keyboard Is Convenient For Work

Wireless Keyboard Is Convenient For Work – Wireless keyboards and wireless mouse are useful and coolest gadgets. Sitting so close to your computer can be boring. After long hours of being close to your monitor, things can get a bit uncomfortable. A wireless keyboard relieves you of this tiredness. Did you know that using a laptop wireless keyboard could provide you much comfort and convenient, as well as help you improve work efficiency. The most important is that the device is cheap with high quality. Not only would this amazing device bring you comfort, it will also provide you with a greater degree of freedom of movement.

The dealextreme can offer you wonderful products, where you can get the best service. Typically ships in 4 to 7 days and worldwide free shipping. If you have any questions or have some good suggestions, welcome to contact us in any time. we will be thankful for your advice and make our best to offer wonderful products to meet your needs and make our customers.

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The wireless keyboard works by using the wireless technology of Bluetooth or infrared to connect your keyboard and your PC. It transfers data to your computer through infrared beams via a connected receiver to your computer. You can use this keyboard in any position you like. The corded keyboard may not reach these positions. This gadget can make working on your PC an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The laptop wireless keyboard is so handy that you will be able to take it anywhere you like. Whether you are on a business trip or surfing the web at the train station, you will always feel the comfort and convenience that this extremely amazing device will give you. In fact, after using this input device for several times, you will definitely want for nothing more. Another great aspect about this wireless keyboard is that it does not restrain or hold you in one single direction.

You should remember not move the wireless keyboard father than the Bluetooth’s 33-feet distance restriction. Because of the wonderful device, which is powered by regular batteries, emits radio signals that are received by the computer, you can be in any position you want to be and still same instant response.

With convenience, comfort and maximum mobility, this laptop wireless keyboard is surely a great companion for mobile professionals like you. Do you think this computer accessories sounds wonderful? And do you want to have wireless keyboard?

How To Increase Computer Speed

How To Increase Computer Speed – One of the more common questions I get is: how to increase computer speed. It seems that no matter how fast a computer is, there are times when the user is just too impatient and they instantly blame it on the computer being too slow.

One of the key problems for lack of PC speed is that the user who is thinking about buying a new computer so they can increase computer speed is that they do not plan appropriately for what they intend to use the computer for. If you plan to play heavy duty games that require a lot of memory and processor speed, then you must plan accordingly. If you do not take into consideration what you will be using the computer for, then the result will be a slow computer that crashes all the time.

Atestate Informatica


If you find yourself in a position where you need to increase computer speed on the current machine you have, then there are several ways to go about doing this. You could start off by uninstalling all of the programs you do not actively use. For example, if you have bought a new HP or Dell computer in the last two years, then I know for a fact that it came with all kinds of preloaded software that you probably never use. You can increase computer performance by going into your control panel and uninstalling any software you do not use or intend to use.

Another way you can increase computer speed is to add some additional RAM to your computer if there is room for an upgrade. If your machine is a year or two old and is running a 32-bit operating system, then you want to make sure you have the max of 4GB of RAM. Anything below 4 will really hinder your computer speed. If your computer is newer and running either Vista or Windows 7 64-bit, then I recommend no less than 6GB of RAM.

Even if you are thinking of buying a new PC, get one with no less than 6GB of RAM. You will have a faster computer in the end and you also won’t find yourself searching for a way to increase computer speed 6 months down the road.

For any new PC, I recommend at least 6GB of RAM to increase computer speed Other useful tips to improve PC performance are: clear your internet history, run a disk defrag at least once a month, delete any files you do not need and reboot your computer at least once a week.

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Tips On How To Get My Computer To Run Faster

Tips On How To Get My Computer To Run Faster – My Windows computer that used to run really fast now has a couple years on it and I recently found it needed rebooting more often, and sometimes it would slow to a crawl, so I found myself asking how to get my computer to run faster. I did the research so you don’t have to!

Learning how to get my computer to run faster isn’t hard. It just takes some maintenance steps periodically, and it helps to know what it is that slows a computer down in the first place. What can slow down your computer?

  • A virus, malware, trojan or spyware.
  • A hard drive that needs maintenance.
  • Too much clutter and bling on the desktop and in the system tray.
  • Hardware that isn’t up to the tasks you’re asking of it.
  • If you address these issues, you will get computer to run faster.
  • Hopefully the first three will do the trick, but sometimes a hardware upgrade is the only answer.

Atestate Informatica

The most serious reason for a slowdown is an infection. Ensure your internet security is running and your virus protection is up to date. Run an online antivirus and trojan scan periodically, since some of the craftiest viruses and trojans will shut down your antivirus while making it appear it’s still running. If you discover an infection, clean your machine. You will find that your computer will run faster when clean.

A hard drive that needs maintenance can slow down your computer. Defragment your hard drive periodically to keep it running faster. You should also clean out unneeded files. Both these utilities are available through Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools. It’s also a good idea to regularly run “error checking” on your hard drives right before shutdown. From “My Computer” right click on your hard drive and pick “Properties” then “Tools” and choose “Check Disk” or “Error Checking” to scan your hard drive for damaged files. Lastly, make sure to empty your recycle bin regularly.

Do you really need all those programs on the desktop and in the system tray? Clean off anything you don’t use regularly. You’ll still be able to access the program through the start menu, but it won’t clutter up your system when it isn’t needed. Uninstall any toolbar or program you don’t use. Change your desktop theme to a simple one. Some of them use more system resources than you’d ever guess!

If none of the above works, then check the hard drive capacity and how much space you’re using, since your hard drive may need an upgrade. A memory upgrade can also help speed things up.

It isn’t hard to learn how to make your computer run faster. Just follow these simple steps!

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Read Before You Buy Laptop Chargers

Read Before You Buy Laptop Chargers – Laptop, like any other electronic products, it need to recharge while it runs out of power.

There are a lot of cheap laptop parts, laptop chargers are one of the important ones. Laptop chargers really matters a lot. First, it has to just to the laptop, to meet the requirement of laptop, an unmatched chargers can reduce the life of your laptop, even damage it or ruin your computer.

If you are going to buy a laptop charger, just hold on and read the following tips before your decision.

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Generally speaking, your laptop computer charger is offered with the laptop. And this chargers are the matched chargers, and it has been tested to be right. It meets all the requirement of the battery, such as how much electric power is, what type of the connector is, etc.

But, in case your charger gets wrecked by any signifies than what to do? In this instance either you spot an order towards the company to get a new a single or you can purchase it from another retailer which fulfills the specifications of your laptop battery.

These one are the copy and neighborhood chargers which can damage your laptop. Find the origin and the matched type of your laptop. Please don’t mix the brand and type.

Laptop chagers should be capable of surviving in extreme heat and pressure. As developing competitors makes a man to perform 24×7, the chargers are getting utilized the entire day. This makes the charger heated up. More laptop gadgets here.

It should capable of working in that warmth and stress also. This can be also essential that the charger really should compete using the severe climatic conditions. It really should not cease working in severe heat or cold climatic conditions.

Ok, after we understand all of these, it is easy for us to choose our own laptop chargers. Recommended one site for you: dealextreme.com

How To Fix A Slow Computer

How To Fix A Slow Computer – A slow computer can cause a lot of frustrations if you don’t know how to fix slow computer. That’s why this blog post will show you exactly how to fix slow computer for free. It will also provide recommendations of simplifying the tasks with software that can be purchased (sometimes you can find it for free, but it’s uncommon).

A slow computer is usually caused by a lack of updates or a lack of maintenance. Of course, at times it could also be a hardware issue, but this isn’t as common as the two causes that were just mentioned. If you have a computer that has plenty of RAM and a fast processor, then this post is going to help you out.

Atestate Informatica


The first thing that you need to do is ensure that all of your files are updated. With Windows, this is a very easy task to complete. All you have to do is run the Windows Update tool and it will check all of the versions of your critical software to ensure that it’s up to date. If anything is outdated, it will provide you with the opportunity to update via the Windows Update tool.

The next thing that you’ll want to do is run the Disk Cleanup tool found under the accessories menu in your start menu. This will show you what files are unnecessary and provide you with the opportunity to clean them up with this particular maintenance tool. Once you clean up the files, reboot your computer to make sure all of the files are completely wiped off of your hard drive.

Finally, you’ll want to launch the Disk Defragmenter tool. What this does is helps repair loose clusters on your hard drive in an effort to free up even more space and make your computer run faster. It’s not a quick task, so don’t give up before it’s done.

These 3 maintenance tasks will usually fix a slow computer. If it doesn’t you may have some other problems which can be resolved. You’ll find out more about this in the next section of the post.

Using Software to Fix A Slow Computer When the Above Tasks Fail to Help
If the above routine maintenance tasks fail to help you fix your slow computer, it could be a sign of outdated drives or registry errors. Not to mention, SpyWare or AdWare. This is when you’ll have to bring in the big guns and try to use a third party software to fix the error.

Don’t want to worry about forgetting to perform the routine maintenance tasks?

Windows comes loaded with a scheduler which allows you to set a day and time to complete the tasks automatically. Just follow the steps it provides you with and you’ll be on your way to maintaining your computer without having to lift a finger.

Get more great tips on how to fix a slow computer.

Having A Faster Computer Is A Lot Of Fun

Having A Faster Computer Is A Lot Of Fun – Getting a new computer is always an exciting time because it is usually a faster computer that can do more than the one you had used before. As a matter of fact, just about anyone who gets a new, faster computer always seems to have an extra bounce in their step. Faster computer performance is always welcomed both in business computers and home computers.

It allows home users to be able to do things such as enjoy their high speed internet because their computer can keep up with the internet speed and it also allows business users to be more productive at their jobs.

Atestate Informatica


So we have made the point that having a new computer is nice because this usually means you have increased computer performance which makes using it much more fun. Let’s also be clear in stating that this faster computer will not perform at this same level three or four months from now unless you make sure you are implementing a proper computer maintenance plan. I have seen computers slow as much as 30 percent after the first three months of use depending on how heavy the computer was being used.

It almost seems like I am preaching this all of the time, but uninstall all of the programs you are not actively using. These programs are only taking up valuable space on your hard drive and they could also have processes running in the background consuming your computer’s available RAM. Also, don’t install every program that ‘looks cool’ on the internet. Make sure you stick to using programs that come from reliable sources. Program management is an essential part of keeping a faster computer.

Probably the most effective technique is to configure a faster computer startup. This will not only cut down on the time it takes your computer to boot up, it will also cut down on the programs running in the background that are consistently consuming resources.

You can configure your computers startup by going to Start > Run > Type Msconfig > Click Ok.

Once the system configuration window pops up, you will then need to highlight the startup tab. Just uncheck anything in that list that is not critical. Items that are critical in windows startup are antivirus and wireless networking software. You want to allow those critical applications to start when your computer starts.

There are endless amounts of tweaks and settings you can change to make sure you have a faster computer and I try to share as many of these as I can with you. However, sometimes it is nice just to install a piece of software that will just do it for you. You have to be very careful about these types of software though because there are a lot of them that just do not work and make a bunch of false claims. The one piece of faster computer software I use is called Speed Up My PC. It is designed by Uniblue and they are a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. In short, this basically says that they know their stuff. The software is easy to install and will make a huge difference in your computers performance.

In conclusion, nothing beats having a new computer just for the mere fact that it is a faster computer than what you had before. However, if you are not proactive about keeping it properly maintained, then you can kiss your faster computer good bye after about 3 or 4 months of use.

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Internet Security and VPN – Infinity Computer Corp protection services can be tailored for your company size, network needs and long term goals.


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Solution – ICC Internet Border Services

The ICC Internet Border Service is the perfect hardware, software and service product to provide  Internet security services, internally and externally to your network.  Our Border Server is a flexible,  scalable product with many possible configurations.  Matched with the Infinity and ICCIS network  operations center you are assured of the best possible protection for your company.

Options include:
Firewall services
VPN Server
E-mail server
Proxy Server
Symantec I-Gear Internet Activity monitor and filter
Symantec Mail-Gear e-mail content monitor
Antivirus protection, Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition
Automated virus protection updates
Infinity Border Maintenance service
ICC Border Unit, prices start from $495.00

Infinity Security Audit Service

Infinity engineers can evaluate your network exposure from the Internet.  Our basic service will perform a security
check and audit by simulating attacks from Internet such as:

· Public Information
· IP address range Scan
· Individual IP address port scan
· Network Security attacks
· VPN Security

Infinity can also provide a more intensive security audit that will:

· Document current network, server, routers, web information passwords and policies
· Perform security check and audit (from above)
· Present all documentation and security results for review
· Recommend network enhancements
· Recommend network growth path

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Let Infinity configure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using your existing Internet connections to safely access files, data and applications on your office network. Our experience and ability can allow you to access NT, Novell and Unix networks from home or connect your remote offices.

Using the Internet for low cost connections, Infinity will design, install and maintain remote access to your office. Use Infinity to help you increase your productivity! Just give us a call and we can verify your connections will support a VPN and provide a quotation for the installation. You may be amazed at the low cost and speeds available to you. Give us a call or e-mail.

Tips On How To Speed Up Your PC

Tips On How To Speed Up Your PC – There are countless ways to answer the frequently asked question of how to speed up your PC. You could buy a new computer, upgrade your current computers hardware, run some software utilities to clean out the operating system or even just do a little file maintenance.

So What Is Your Best Option On How To Speed Up Your PC?

 Atestate Informatica

You would think that because I work on computers every day that I would have the fastest, baddest machine around. Well, it seems to be quite the exact opposite. I am constantly working to try and make other people’s computers faster and I am always chasing new answer on how to speed up your PC.

Right now, my machine currently only has 2 gigs of RAM in it. Pretty amazing, you have to look really hard to buy a new computer today with less than 6 gigs. So if you have a bit of spending cash, upgrading your RAM is always a good option on how to speed up your PC performance. A lot of people think that if they put more RAM in their computer that every aspect of their machine will be faster. This is simply false. By adding more RAM into your computer, you will give it more of an ability to have excellent performance while having many programs open at the same time. In short, it will really help when your multitasking.

More RAM will also help if you are trying to play a heavy duty game. Although your video card may be more than enough to run the game, if you don’t have enough RAM, your computer could crash or blue screen because it doesn’t have enough memory.

If upgrading the RAM in your computer isn’t a good option for you and you need to work with what you got, then I would recommend using a really cool piece of software that I have been using now for a few years. This software has enabled me to be able to only have 2 gigs of RAM in my computer, but still get some really good performance out of it.SpeedUpMyPC 2010 by Uniblue is a Microsoft Gold Certified piece of software that is by far the best on the market at configuring your computer to get the most out of it.

It will make some amazing changes that will do things such as speed up your computer start time, speed up computer shutdown, maximize hard drive space, optimize browser speed and optimize the use of memory in your computer.SpeedUpMyPC is simple to use and it is a great answer to the question of how to speed up your PC.

In conclusion, if you think that adding RAM to your computer is a good option for you, then by all means invest a bit of your time and money to get it upgraded. It will really help PC performance. If you need to tweak and configure your current computer to get the most out of it, then you may want to give SpeedUpMyPC 2010 a trial run to see what it can do for you. I hope these tips on how to speed up your PC have been helpful!

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Network Virtualization 101

Network Virtualization 101 – Virtualization or VMware In order to understand network virtualization, it is important to understand what virtualization is. Virtualization, on the most basic level, is referred to as the process in which you enable a single hardware device, such as a desktop, to act as if it is several devices. This is done with virtualization software, such as VMware.


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In a workplace, the IT staff would install the virtualization software on a desktop and then load multiple operating systems on that same machine. Virtualization can, for example, enable a Mac computer to operate with an operating system like Windows as well as its own Apple-issued software.

Virtualizing a network
Now take the same concept to a network level and you simply have one network acting as several networks. If you already have a network set up, you will have many of the parts needed to create a virtual network such as network media, firewalls, storage hardware, hand-held devices and laptops, switches, and adapters. All you will need is the right virtualization software to install and you can set up a virtual network. For a great source on the right software to use, visit

Why virtualize your network?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider virtual networks for your business. First of all, virtualization can save you money because it requires less hardware than a traditional network does. Second, a virtual network makes it possible for people to connect even when in completely different parts of the country. For example, the sales department of an office in another country can work with the sales people in your corporate office through the same network. This means that everyone can access the same features as if they were in the same building, making work more productive and effective.
Third, a virtual network is considered more secure since it is run from one machine rather than multiple hardware devices, as a traditional network is. Fourth, with a virtual network you can monitor the traffic coming into your system more than you can on a regular network.

External or Internal virtual network?

There are two types of virtual networks—external and internal.
• External virtual network – typically used by large corporations and data centers to combine several local networks into a virtual network that is easier to manage.
• Internal virtual network – this network does not use an internet adapter. Connects virtual machines on a virtual server.

The future of virtualization
While virtualization has been available for quite some time, the technology is still in a developmental stage and tech companies are already working on new ways to apply it.

Hand-held devices
One new focus for virtualization is smart phones and tablets. Steve Herrod, chief technology officer at VMware, recently
told Wired Magazine’seditor that the company is working on a tool that will let large corporations install a virtual machine on a mobile device. The machine would enable the employee to work on the company’s mobile network and give companies the power to control what happens on that network.

Virtual data centers
Also on the development list for VMware is a virtual data center and this is a concept that is being explored by other virtualization companies as well.

Advanced virtual networks
Another company in Maryland, IP Technology Labs, recently announced that they have launched a new feature to their virtualization service that enables companies to set up a secure virtual network on any internet connection and in any location around the world.

Author Bio
David Malmborg works with Dell. When he isn’t working, he enjoys hiking, spending time with family and researching new technology. He is currently learning more about HPC and the intersect with the cloud. He recommends
following this linkfor more information.

My PC Is Running Very Slow

My PC Is Running Very Slow – When my PC is running very slow there are certain steps I take in order to help it perform better. These are steps that I have been able to test over the past years as a computer technician.

My PC is very slow whenever I don’t reboot regularly. So one thing I try to do on a regular basis is to reboot my machine. It doesn’t matter how powerful your processor is or how much RAM you have installed in your computer, you still need to reboot regularly.


Atestate Informatica


The reason for this is because when your system runs, it consumes resources. The longer period of time that your PC runs means the more resources it will continue to consume. A good example is a program like Firefox or Microsoft Outlook. People who use these programs tend to leave them running all of the time. It is not unheard of for either of these two programs to consume over 500mb of memory at a given time. This is where a simple reboot will clear out all of thatconsumed memory which will help the overall performance of your computer.

About 2 years ago, I built a computer. I only put 2GB of RAM in it and I installed Vista 32-bit. Just recently I thinking to myself man my computer is running very slow. Since I was running a 32-bit operating system, I decided that I would max my RAM out at 4GB. I would recommend no less that 6GB of RAM on any new computer you intend to buy. Most new computers come with Windows 7 running on the 64-bit platform. It’s actually quite hard to find a new computer with less than 6GB of memory.

A PC Might Be Very Slow Because Of Too Many Programs Being Installed

You may be reading this post and you might be saying well my laptop is running very slow. In my experience, you are ever going to get the same performance out of a laptop as you would a desktop computer. However, some of the same factors come into play when dealing with a slow laptop. Another really important factor when it comes to laptop performance is he speed of the hard drive in the laptop. It seems that most of them come with 5400 RPM hard drives. You can really boost the speed of a laptop by using a 7400 RPM hard drive. They might cost you a few more dollars, but they are well worth it in the end.

Another thing you may not have thought of as to why is my laptop is running very slow is the actual size of the laptop. Smaller laptops equal smaller components. Smaller components typically do not perform as well as those in a larger standard.

In conclusion, I hope that by sharing some of my thoughts on what I do when my PC is running very slow will help you to get better performance out of your desktop computer or laptop.

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How to Buy A Keyboard For Your Laptop

How to buy a Keyboard for your Laptop – Laptop is portable and very convenience with the built-in keyboard. But when you’re working long hours, typing on your laptop’s built-in keyboard can be uncomfortable due to its small size. Consider attaching laptop accessories as an external keyboard to your laptop computer. Follow these steps to choose the best keyboard for your laptop.

Know what you like in a keyboard. If you like a keyboard with a stiff touch, then that’s what you look for. Also, some people find it impossible typing on ergonomic keyboards while other people swears by them.


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Always be certain that the keyboard you choose is compatible with your computer. Check out the ports on your laptop. Most laptops have a single round port, which is called a PS/2 port, as well as multiple USB ports. Older laptops may only have a PS/2 port. Buy a keyboard that is compatible with your laptop’s port. You can choose a USB keyboard or a PS/2 keyboard. A USB keyboard is ideal, but if your laptop only has a single USB port and a PS/2 port, a PS/2 keyboard may be better. Several other accessories can be attached to the USB port.

Keyboard For Your Laptop

Test-drive a few computer keyboards. Never buy a new keyboard unless you’ve actually typed on it. It’s like buying a car without test-driving it. Try it to see if the touch suits you and if the keyboard angle is comfortable.

With advances in technology, the computer keyboard has broken away from cables and now gives you a comfortable wireless experience. Wireless keyboards are easily available. Choose a wireless keyboard if your laptop works with wireless technology (most laptops do). If you are buying an entire computer system, buy your wireless keyboard from the same vendor. You’ll probably get a better deal.

Excessive keyboard use and the resultant stress on the fingers can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful and debilitating condition of the hands and wrists. Using an ergonomic keyboard reduces the stress on fingers. Choose an ergonomic keyboard. Although more expensive, an ergonomic keyboard is greatly beneficial especially if you work long hours.

Choose a keyboard made by your laptop’s manufacturer, if possible. Keyboards from the same company will have better results.

Compare prices online and at local computer stores. You may find that keyboards are less expensive online. Be sure to study the dealer details carefully and check out reviews of the dealer before buying online.

Ethical Hacking for Beginners

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Ethical Hacker Beginnings
Are you tired of your computer running slow?  Do you think that you have the right to privacy?  Have you lost valuable data? Are you a hacker target? Ethical hacking is about securing your own network by learning how hackers think.

Hackers Target Beginners
Like any common criminal, hackers like to go after those that are most vulnerable.  That is, those that can’t fight back, those that won’t notice an intrusion, and those that feel falsely secure.  Hacking and cybercrime is dramatically rising.  It is very likely that any internet user will eventually be a victim.  That’s why it is paramount to know how to defend yourself with knowledge.
Don’t Hack Other People : It’s a Serious Crime

Try and hack your own system to look for flaws in the security.  If you wish to hack a friend, get permission first.  The penalties for hacking are severe.  You could get 10 years or more in prison.  The unfortunate part is that the truly skilled hackers rarely get caught and newbies often do.

Think Like a Hacker

It’s hard to defend against someone you don’t understand.  The best way to defend against hackers is to understand hacker methodology and tools.  You can also take ethical hacker classes to learn in detail.

Hacker Methodology

Hackers constantly scan IP addresses looking for networks with security holes or for programs they know how to exploit.  They hacker places a great importance on monitoring IP addresses and finding out everything about who you are and what you do.  They will monitor all your computer activity from your IP address.

They will get system information and then run exploit holes.  For example, Internet Explorer has always had security holes.  Hackers will find out what version of Internet Explorer that you are running and simply install some code into the browser to track your keystrokes (i.e. keystroke logger) or hijack all your internet searches.

Did You Know

People can buy a program to hack your email and logins for virtually any account that you have.  The good password crackers are virtually unstoppable.  One of the elite password crackers costs around $4,000.00.  It’s some serious hacking equipment.

Keyloggers are for sale in abundance.  You can purchase one for less than $100.00.  At Keylogger dot com you can order a custom solution that is guaranteed not to be tracked by any person or program.  It’s a guarantee.  There are many places that sell keyloggers and more than half are being used for some sort of illegal practices.

This tells you that virtually anyone can hack your email and put a keylogger on your computer.  Do they want your data?  Maybe not, but if they ever did it’s a snap to get it.

False Security : A Huge Problemfor Hacking Beginners

Many people think that their computer is secure.  It’s almost always not even close to being true.  The latest antivirus security suite is simply a joke to a real hacker.  It can be penetrated with little effort.  On top of that comes the firewall.  This is another easy thing to overcome.  If someone wants your data, it is very difficult for you to stop them.  You can’t simply install some cheap programs that cost less than $100.00 and expect security.  It takes much more than that.  Almost all home computers are infected with something, but few know about it.  Most people think they are secure and living in a dream world.  Cybercrime is for real.  Criminals are making billions by compromising your data.  Don’t let them.  Play some real defense.

What to Do

Don’t ever be found is the best strategy.  Once someone finds you it is hard to get rid of them.  Make sure that nobody can ever find out about your computer.  How do you do that?  You need to hide your IP address with a passion.

To hide the IP address, don’t ever search the internet unless it is through a proxy server.  Make sure the proxy server is masking your IP address.  Your firewall (try Sonicwall) should use NAT (network address translation) and change your IP address randomly before it ever hits the proxy server.  Another way to hide the IP is to use Ironkey.  It is a usb device that allows the internet to be browsed in secure sessions (https).

Email Security   

The fortune 500 use the RSA tokens.  It is a convenient method of encryption and decryption.  The token changes numbers constantly and that makes it virtually impossible for hackers to get your login and password.

If you call RSA, they will tell you the whole setup is thousands of dollars and that won’t work for most of us.  Fortunately, Paypal, Ebay, E-trade, and others now offer secure email with free RSA tokens.  It is a good idea to get one of these email accounts because it is so easy for someone to use a password cracker on you.

Training Programs

Various institutions offer ethical hacker classes.  They usually cost a few thousand dollars for a week of instruction or less.  There are also black hat conferences in Las Vegas and other parts of the world.  The point being that there is training for hacking just like anything else.  It appears that hacker training is more expensive than other types of training.

I think the high cost of the training is justified because it is so difficult to find a good hacker to do the training.  For one thing, people that can penetrate virtually any corporate computer security system are valuable.  Many of the best people don’t want to be known for what they do and still others are in jail.  You could hire a straight white hat guy with some knowledge and no experience.  It wouldn’t really be the same instruction now would it.

Computer Security

Even though we talk about hacking a lot, the real point of this website is to enable users to secure their own computer.  We have offered many resources and tips to get you started in the right direction.  The bottom line is that you will need to do a lot of research, on your own, unless you have a lot of money.

The internet is a very risky place.  Make sure that you have a firewall, security suite, and a proxy server.  Any type of great security will need to be custom configured and programmed by a professional.  If you still need more security, consider techniques like Kiosk computers that load the OS into ram or using ghosting techniques to restore the computer to a previous state.  Consider the tradeoff of the pain of security with how valuable your data is.  Most of all, keep in mind that lots of people make it their serious business to keep track of your every move.  Someone is always watching your traffic.  With that said, we wish you good luck in securing your computer environment.

7 Ways to Cool Down a Laptop

Have you ever noticesd that your laptop gets very hot after using it for some time? Well, if that happens very often, it can be risky since you could burn up the internals of the machine. It is important to monitor how hot your laptop is and take steps to cool it if necessary.

In this article, we will take a look 7 different ways to cool your laptop. These ideas include using a laptop stand, moving to a colder room and also turning down your power consumption on the laptop .

Atestate Informatica


1. Use A Hard Surface
First up, you should always place your laptop on a hard surface. That helps the fans circulate in the laptop. If you have your laptop placed on a soft surface (e.g. a fur carpet) the circulation is not as good and it will tend to get warm very fast.

2. Use A Laptop Cooling Stand
The next way to cool down your laptop is to use a laptop cooling stand. These days, you can buy laptop cooling stands quite cheaply and these contain fans which help to cool your laptop immensely. They also encourage better posture by forcing you to use your laptop more ergonomically .

3. Turn Down The Display Brightness
The display screen on your laptop generates quite a bit of heat. You will want to turn down the brightness if you are in a dark place, so as to cut down the heat generation. Turning down the brightness also allows you to conserve battery power.

4. Move To A Cooler Place
An obvious way to cool down your laptop is to move to a cooler place. If you’re sitting in the hot sun typing on the laptop, the machine ain’t gonna stay too cool, now is it? Move to an air-conditioned room or cafe and cool the machine down.

5. Turn On Power Saver Mode
Most laptops these days have a ‘power saver’ mode which you should invoke if the laptop gets too hot. The power saving modes usually turn down the display brightness and spin down the hard drives if the machine is idle for a fixed period of time.

6. Close Some Applications
If you open many applications on our laptop, these will generate heat as well. With more open applications, the laptop’s CPU has to work harder, resulting in more heat generated. Hence, by closing down some un-needed apps, you will cool your laptop down.

7. Remove Some USB Devices
USB ports are a well-known heat generator. The more USB devices you have connected to your laptop, the more heat it will generate. Plug out the un-needed USB devices and your machine will start to cool down.

I hope the above has shown you 7 good ways to cool down your laptop. Remember, your laptop is expensive! Don’t ruin it or melt it by allowing it to overheat. Cool it down whenever it gets too hot and you’ll increase its durability. Until next time, good luck and happy computing?